The world is suffering. With your contribution, many lives will be touched and changed.

The world needs you. You have an opportunity to send hope.
Our driving purpose, desire, and objective is to bring hope to a hopeless world. Send Hope is a launch-pad for volunteer based assistance to the hurting and deprived.

We amass and allocate resources to fully equip caring and motivated volunteers to make a tangible difference locally in Hawaii and around the world.

The world is hurting. Together, we are sending hope.
Sri Lanka
Papua New Guinea
Every week our organization organizes and runs a massive feeding operation at our facility in Hawaii where boxes of food are given, produce is distributed, and over 100 families are fed. Our program has aspirations beyond seeing hungry stomachs fed; it has been our desire since day one to see lives changed. It is our privilege to offer our clients friendship, support, prayer, and a helping hand in addition to food. As we have been faithful to invest time and love into our clients, we have seen lasting results in their lives. It is our aspiration to continue to develop Feeding The Hungry in order to consistently and effectively reach our community.
Our Youth-At-Risk program is multi-faceted. Included in the program is a weekly hang-out/Bible study; we provide this every Tuesday night in hopes of providing our next generation with a safe, fun place to hang out where they will hear a positive message. We are also involved in the Surf Club at a local High School. Through the Surf Club we are able to serve the students of the school as well as the community through service projects. We supply chaperones, food, and equipment for the Surf Club's events and provide them use of our property and staff whenever they need it. Our youth staff also has the wonderful opportunity of giving personal mentorship to youth who come from difficult life situations.

Tragedy. Shock. Desolation. Terror. Fear. These are but a few words to describe what many have labeled the worst natural disaster in the history of the world, the recent tsunami. Only 5 weeks after the initial disaster, a team of 14 from Surfing The Nations Foundation embarked for the land of Sri Lanka... More>>
The statistics are everywhere. Extreme poverty, starvation, rampant disease, lack of health care, and countless other needs are obvious in the world today.

Our world needs hope.  Partnering with Send Hope is an opportunity for you to make a real impact in our hurting world.

As our supporters send hope, we are able to take it to those who have none.
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